Director South Pacific

Megan Reading

Megan Reading
Bachelor of Architecture RMIT- Hons1
Masters of Construction UNSW
Previously Registered Nurse - Intensive Care additional qualification
Architectural Registration 6841 NSW

Professional Background

Megan’s early career as a Registered Nurse was without a doubt, the catalyst for her 25 year career as a Health Architect. Having designed and delivered some of the largest hospitals in Australia Megan has a drive and passion for delivering exceptional design outcomes for patients and medical professionals alike. One of Megan’s key interests is understanding how health campuses mature and evolve responding to changing demographics and health service need.

Having the unique insights of both a clinical practitioner and a designer Megan has developed a deeper understanding of the complex balance between patient safety and privacy and making environments that support staff to work effectively with family to promote recovery and a return to health and independence.

Megan has had the good fortune to deliver a number of public and private hospitals locally and overseas as well as completing a number of large complex health campuses both in metropolitan and rural areas.