Handoff quality and patient outcomes. International Academy for Design and Health

How Residents Prepare for Shift Handoffs

Handoff quality and patient outcomes.

Laura G. Militello, MA; Nicholas A. Rattray, PhD; Mindy E. Flanagan, PhD; Zamal Franks, BS; Shakaib Rehman, MD; Howard S. Gordon, MD; Paul Barach, MD, MPH; Richard M. Frankel, PhD

The affects of handoff quality and patient outcomes.

Poor-quality handoffs  have been associated with serious patient consequences. Researchers and educators have answered the call with efforts to increase system safety and resilience by supporting handoffs using increased communication standardization.

The focus on strategies for formalizing the content and delivery of patient handoffs has considerable intuitive appeal; however, broader conceptual framing is required to both improve the process and develop and implement effective measures of handoff  quality.