Become a Fellow

Become A Fellow

The International Academy for Design and Health is extremely proud to launch its official Fellowship program offering the opportunity for members to be awarded a fellowship with the academy.

A fellowship with the Academy is an honour bestowed on the leading practitioners, academics and influencers of Salutogenic Design in recognition of their distinguished and significant contributions in Design and Health through publications, applied research, teaching, projects, leadership of professional organisations and practice.  As a fellow you will be internationally recognised as being amongst the true leaders within the field of Design and Health.

Fellowships will be awarded to individuals who demonstrate exceptional and outstanding professional practice and/or research in their field and the development of salutogenic built environments and technologies that improve human health, wellbeing and quality of life.

Being a fellow offers not only recognition of your leading position within your respective field, it further entitles you to unique privileges such as access to VIP events and educational and teaching opportunities.

How To Apply

Fellowships with the Academy are subject to a stringent selection process and merit review. In order to be considered for fellowship with The International Academy for Design and Health, you will be required to submit an application for review by the Review Panel and pay an annual  €250 fellowship fee.

Members interested in becoming a fellow of the Academy will be required to follow the process outlined below;

Step 1: Download Application Kit (Guidelines document + Application form + Self-Assessment spreadsheet)

Step 2: Complete the Self-Assessment

Step 3: Complete the Application Form

Step 4:  Pay the annual fellowship fee via the “PAY ANNUAL FELLOWSHIP FEE” button on this page.

Step 5: Go through review process by our Review Panel

Step 6: Application outcome and/or further guidance

Fellowship Application Kit

*Applicants to ensure ALL 3 kit items below are download 

The Academy encourages members who wish to become a fellow with the Academy to apply and it is important to note that there are no deadlines to applications.  Each application will be reviewed on individual merit.

For more information on becoming a fellow contact us via the form below