Academy partners with Infraestructura Hospitalaria, Chile

Academy partners with Infraestructura Hospitalaria, Chile

The International Academy for Design and Health is proud and honoured to partner with organisations who share our vision in the pursuit of healthier societies.  Infraestructura Hospitalaria is an organisation based in Chile that is comprised of a group of professionals, mainly architects, directly related to hospital issues and  has successfully developed the Hospital Infrastructure Congresses in Chile.

Today, the main task of Hospitalaria is to develop Seminars that focus on topics  related to key aspects within the health industry. These seminars in turn comprehensively provide  professionals related to health development in the country with a complete, and detailed overview of progresses, new technologies and specific projects related to different health specialities. 

The goal of “Hospitalaria” is to be part of a national and international network of knowledge, exchange of experiences both for professionals who are in charge of hospital tasks, and for related industry suppliers.

Seven successful congresses have already been developed.

With the next event due to take place in September 2018, the 8th Congress of Hospital Infrastructure.

The theme of this year’s event will be “PROJECTING CHALLENGES”, an instance where it is sought to propose and discuss the new challenges, needs and policies for the national health infrastructure , always from the perspective of the different parties involved.

Event Details:

Date: 4th, 5th & 6th September

Location:Centro de Eventos Centro Parque located in Av. Presidente Riesco 5330, Parque Araucano, Las Condes, Santiago.


The congress will also feature presentations by International Academy for Design and Health founder, Prof. Alan Dilani and Academy member and clinical professor and Dr. Paul Barach.

Alan Dilani, will discuss “The Salutogenic Architecture – The Search for Healthy Society”. In his talk, Dilani points to his design theory called “Salutugenic Design”, a research that challenges traditional notions of scientific medicine, and discusses the correlation between design and health, ensuring that a well-designed hospital environment could lead to better quality of life and health.

Dr Barach’s presentation will be “Designing Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities for Safety, Reliability & Better Patient Satisfaction”. According to the distinguished physician, it is of great importance that the design of the hospitals is oriented to the patient and his needs, being at the same time more integrated to the community.

Prof. Alan Dilani
Dr Paul Barach
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